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Online Property Magazine

20.10.20 08:07 AM By Sandy McKinnon

What it takes to make your property magazine pop!

I often tell clients that the hardest decision to make with the magazine is what to put on the cover. It's also best to try and keep with a format which saves you time in an otherwise busy day. The easier it is to put out a great looking magazine, the more likely you will be to publish it more regularly.

The Cover

The cover is the most important element. Sometimes we get caught up in the subject for the cover shot, but it's far better to use something interesting and engaging. It also has to be suitable quality to use on a cover. This often catches you out. You can't use a low resolution image of facebook or your website and blow it up to suit your cover. There are many image libraries around that can give you something of quality to use.

Profile Your Agents

Sales is all about getting your face or name out there so that when people are ready to take action they think of your agents first. Often these pages of your magazine can be done ahead of time and are a good opportunity to further increase their profile in their market.

Include Your Community

Make the magazine have something relevant about your community. This could take the form of an advertisements from a local community group or a sporting club or service club your agents are involved in. Alternatively if you have a budding journalist in the office, you could do a feature on somebody in your community doing great things. It could also include something as simple as upcoming local events.