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This is a #onecoolmag. 
Designed to work directly with your magazine. You can email the link for a property to your agent or embed it in an email, but it works beautifully with your property catalogue.

Additional information:

When you click on a property in your magazine flip book it launches a specific web page of that property. An online brochure or web book.

  • This makes it easier to have instant information available with the magazine as any changes made within the myrealestate portal are updated to the web brochure immediately.
  • Performance is great as the online brochure loads instantly and is optimised for the web and specifically set up to work on mobile. 
    It looks great on the phone

  • You can also include an About the area, Documents: - Sec 32 & Statement of information., Surrounding sales evidence, and Property Inclusions sections.
  • This product has obvious google ranking advantages as more information and activity on the internet with links back to your website, to emails etc improve your seo.

Buyer & Agent Useability.

  • Agents speaking to a buyer can direct them to a page in the magazine where the buyer clicks on the property while the agent is speaking with them.
  • Buyers looking at the magazine can with one click launch a brochure about the property which gives much more detailed information. If the info is updated in our portal, the web books are updated automatically, client still has the same link.
  • Clients can download the magazine at home, but still access the web brochure from the flip book on their device while driving around.
  • It loads immediately and can have a link in the web brochure to email the agent, call the agent, or be directed back to the agency website. 

Features and Benefits

  • No additional human resources needed. All happens automatically. Portal user ticks a property live.
  • No additional cost. Included in the $99 Subscription. The minimum print order is now removed as well, which removes the cash back for volume discount that applied previously.
  • Additional value add to the magazine, and means the agents only need the link to the e-magazine.

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Our Property Magazines 
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If you want a printed magazine, this is the platform to do it on, and now we give you even more value with the added advantage of having an online magazine with linked web brochures with the push of a button. Contact us for a chat to see how this could work for you.

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