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Going Paperless in Real Estate. Is this really a thing?

29.10.20 04:40 PM By Sandy McKinnon

Is printed marketing material still relevant?

As we adjust to a new world and a contactless society, is printed marketing material a thing of the past?

When COVID 19 hit our shores earlier this year, it was hard to get our head around. As a business owner, and a printing business owner, I don't mind telling you there were some tough days ahead. A sense of overwhelm, of disbelief and the hope of waking up from this bad dream sometime soon. 

As a business we had to pivot and adapt, as print volumes dropped, real estate agents were no longer able to see clients face to face so going paperless and fully online was an easy choice. In Victoria the first lockdown caused everyone to review their systems, get organised and get their IT houses in order.

The second lockdown meant everyone could settle in to their new work style, and finally . . . . reap the benefits of working from home, the couch, the car, the park or anywhere other than a physical desk and a stack of papers.

Our business has adapted many of our products into online products, which truth be told are a little easier to handle, however I still believe that a mix of as many mediums as you can could be of benefit to your marketing strategy. You may not need to print thousands of DL's anymore, or hundreds of magazines, but something physical when you do meet a client is still important. 

In the case of our online property magazines, with interactive online brochures, the link to the flip book works a charm for clients on the go, and is certainly convenient. It means you can send it out to your database, or flick a potential buyer a copy of your 'look book', or talk them through it over the phone, however when you meet in person, there is no substitute for a good looking, nice feeling, professionally printed magazine showing your stock, your agents, and properly presenting your brand. Having your agents armed with a few catalogues each week will help them improve that connection with their clients. You should never underestimate the power of a piece of marketing material you can hand to the person standing in front of you. I don't know about you, but I do everything on a computer, or a screen all day. I still like to have something to flick through with a coffee in hand, away from the computer in my own time.Marketing should be a mix of the new with tried and tested methods. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can be a risky move. Digital advertising and marketing is great to get out to the masses, but can also be costly if you're unsure of what you're doing.

A magazine or brochure can be taken home, left around for others to see, and read at a time when it’s more convenient. Digital items can come and go so fast we become immune to seeing them. We’re not just saying this because we print things, as we provide digital options as well, but we think it’s worth reminding you that print today doesn’t have to cost the earth, smaller quantities are available cheaper and faster than ever before, without sacrificing the quality.

It’s worth thinking about . .

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