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Artwork & Templates

Artwork & Graphic Design

Artwork services are available to all clients as an additional service.

We are available to create magazine news pages, advertisements, or whatever other projects you dream up.

myprint.express provides new ideas and concepts on an ongoing basis, however artwork is charged at our standard hourly rate in most cases.

Portal Templates

The myprint.express system has been created by us, exclusively for our clients. 

This system is a first for your industry and ours, in that it uses specific intelligence and a sophisticated code and database system to automatically catalogue properties, manipulate and manage images and assets within predefined pages that we have created, that we call our portal templates.

The portal templates provided with your subscription have been created and selected to suit your particular brand. Changes to these templates, or different pages for other products that you would like designed for you, will carry an additional cost. Please refer to our schedule of additional charges.