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Our Cancellation Policy

Our usual price for the myprint.express plan is $99 including GST per month with a 12 month commitment.


$165 including GST per month on a month to month basis.

We believe you will be so thrilled with the product, and our service and support that we can't see this happening.

However, we will happily cancel the subscription at any time, so here are the rules.

We need 30 days notice in writing to cancel your plan. We always appreciate feedback, so any you can give us would be appreciated.

If you have signed up on the 12 month commitment of $99 per month and you cancel your plan within the first 12 month period, then the final payment for your plan will include any adjustment pro-rata as the cost of the total plan will be calculated at the $165 month to month rate.

For Example:

you sign up on the 1st February, for 12 months, and at the end of June you choose to cancel the subscription.

Your total payments have been 5 x $99 per month = $495. We will re-calculate those 5 months at the month to month rate 5 x $165 per month = $825

This would make your final payment $330.