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Our Platform
Our system is pretty straight forward and easy to use. There are no special skills required. Full training is provided and support is ongoing.
We integrate with all major CRM's so setting up a feed of properties into our portal is a straightforward process. This will ensure you have one point of entry for data. Your regular items such as magazines and brochures are created on our platform with pre-designed templates that we create in conjunction with you. 

Our solution will solve many of your challenges by:
  • eliminating the need for any special skills,
  • reducing double entry of data which reduces the occurrence of errors, as data automatically feeds when creating new products.
  • automatically creates magazine and brochure products which reduces artwork costs for your everyday items resulting in a substantial saving in both time and costs. 
  • speedy and quick delivery of printed items if required and instant access to online products.

How it works:
  • Once you have setup your subscription, we set you up with a store on our online platform and establish your feed with your CRM Vendor.
  • We go through an onboarding process to explain our processes, and discuss deadlines and your requirements.
  • Once we have agreed designs and templates, we set up your templates in html code in the back end of our platform. 
  • Once these are ready to go, you are good to start ordering.

How the magazine works:
  • The magazine can be as simple or as complex as you like. It is very flexible so you can include advertisements, agent profiles, market reports, testimonials and a multitude of other items.
  • You may include banners on particular properties and property feature pages.
  • The property pages can be sorted by price, or suburb and you can have multiple sections as well which can include a sold section or rural & lifestyle as seperate sections.
  • We suggest that you publish every week or fortnight and print fewer copies. This keeps your magazine fresh, up to date and allows you to have more content circulating in your community.
  • Publishing regularly is easier for your admin team as the magazine becomes part of your admin processes and is easier for users to create as they become more familiar with how it works if doing it regularly.
  • We go through a discovery process with you to discuss where to start and what you may like to include. This allows us to discuss how many templates you may need.
Portal Costs:
  • Access to our platform is by subscription at $99 per month. There is no lock in contract, you can cancel at any time.
  •  Included is your online e-magazine, online property brochures, all training and support, unlimited offices, properties, and agents.
  • There may also be a cost to setup each template if you want something specific to you.
  • Templates are designed offline first, once approved we get them coded and setup in the back end of our platform ready for you to use.
  • All training and support is included and available on an ongoing basis via our instant chat, email and telephone.

Printing costs are provided as a guide when we welcome you aboard.

Accounts and Trading with us:
  • Orders are invoiced when dispatched and charged to the nominated credit card you signed up with.
  • A copy of the invoice is forwarded by email to your accounts contact. You can also access the accounts portal at anytime for transaction records or copies.
  • A full price list, timelines and schedules are provided as part of our onboarding process.
  • When the time comes set up your subscription here https://www.myrealestate.express/subscription-sign-up

What's Next:
  • Setup a phone chat to answer any questions and clarify any details and discuss your requirements
  • Setup an online Demo for you so you can see how it works.
  • Sign up to get started and we will create your platform logins and begin the onboarding process.

or call Sandy directly on 0407 508 239 to find out more.

Send an email: sandy@myrealestate.express

or jump on instant chat below.

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