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This is #onecoolmag

04.03.21 11:19 AM By Sandy McKinnon

Build your own online property magazine in just minutes.

Our automated property magazine building platform is so easy to use and is quite different to other products in the marketplace.
I've been in printing for almost 30 years, and the speed at which this industry has changed is incredible. While printing has its obvious advantages, I think the printer of the future will need to be fully integrated with online products. 

As an example, our next innovation of our flagship product, includes links to online brochures from the online e-magazine, and the introduction of automatically created QR Codes to guide readers of the print version back online. It's truly remarkable. This adds longer life to printed magazines if you use them, and gives your reader that extra buzz when they get to use some new technology. Of course, you don't have to print them, some clients are happy just using the e-mag.

All things old become new again, and QR Codes are a great example of this. Introduced some time ago, they were slow to take off, but have now become part of our everyday lives again making things a little easier to manage.

We were better positioned than many of our competitors, when COVID hit as we have a purpose built online platform that we have had clients using for a few years now, but with this latest release, we look forward to further growth and being of service across right across Australia. This is #onecoolmag. 

This property catalogue is a great listing tool, as vendors love to see their property featured, you can feature your agents or services and show your results. It's super quick to make, and puts your own properties in the hands of your buyers at opens, inspections or from the local coffee shop.

Data can be fed from most CRM's making this a no brainer to add to your marketing suite. The magazine and online brochures build automatically from your data. You can't get much easier than that. If you still want a traditionally printed magazine, we can do that as well, or you can download the file to send to your own printer. You can publish your online mag every day if you wish, or put out a weekly printed version. Approve one day, have it the next, so you're mag is always up to date.

Here's a demonstration of the new kid on the block. If it's details you want, you'll find them here.