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This is #onecoolmag

07.10.20 05:48 PM By Sandy McKinnon

Print vs Online, why not have both.

Today we start rolling out our information for our latest product. Our automated flip books and web books. I've been in printing for almost 30 years, and the speed at which this industry has changed is incredible. While printing has its obvious advantages, I think the printer of the future will need to be fully integrated with online products. Our business, pre-covid was enjoying steady growth serving the real estate sector with quick short run, targeted print products, however we have had to pivot along with many other businesses, to fast track our creation and delivery of our online suite. We were better positioned than many of our competitors, as we have a purpose built online platform that we have had clients using for a few years now, but with this latest release, we are looking forward to further growth and being of service across Australia and overseas. This is #onecoolmag. This online property catalogue is published as a flip book from our platform, using your data. The flip book auto updates, and when you click on a property an online brochure launches showing all the details of that property. The magazine and online brochures take no human resources to make as they come from your data, so you can't get much easier than that. If you still want a traditionally printed magazine, we can do that as well. Small quantities (25) published as often as you like. Here's a quick video of the new kid on the block. If it's details you want, you'll find them here.